Raptor Scientific Announces Acquisition of TESTVONICS, Inc.

TestVonics, Inc is a leading provider of high-precision Air Data Test Sets and Air Data Calibrators, for the US Department of Defense, NATO, Foreign Military Services and Commercial Airlines and Airframers.

Raptor Scientific, a leading provider in the design & manufacture of high-tech Test & Measurement products in the Aerospace & Defense markets, announced today the acquisition of TestVonics, Inc.

Based in Peterborough, New Hampshire, TestVonics is a leading manufacturer of Air Data Test Sets and Air Data Calibrators used around the world. TestVonics directly supports the United States Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, NATO Forces, Foreign Military Services (FMS), Commercial Airlines and Airframes. TestVonics Air Data Test Equipment is used to test, verify and calibrate a wide range of air data instruments as well as the air data pitot static system used on rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.  With technically leading products, the Company is recognized for its high quality and excellent customer service.

The addition of TestVonics to the Raptor portfolio of products further strengthens the existing customer relationships and allows customers to work with one supplier for a number of Test & Measurement products and services.  Air Data Test Equipment and Calibrators are mission-critical pieces of equipment used daily to test and measure key components on all aircraft.  These products along with the existing Raptor products make Raptor a key vendor to a majority of major aircraft platforms.

“TestVonics is a great addition to the Raptor Scientific family,” said Derek Coppinger, CEO of Raptor Scientific.  “They have built a best-in-class technical product line with exceptional customer service and technical support that positions the Company for growth.  The addition of TestVonics products to our existing capabilities allows our customers access to a growing number of mission-critical products and services.”

“We look forward to joining Raptor Scientific and the opportunity to be part of their growing capabilities,” Paul McCullough, President of TestVonics commented. “This is exciting for our Company, employees and customers as it will give us access to more opportunities to help TestVonics continue its growth at our Peterborough location and allow our customers access to Raptor’s other products and services.”

 About Raptor Scientific

Raptor Scientific was founded in 2019 by L Squared Capital Partners to consolidate the highly fragmented Aerospace & Defense testing and measurement market.  The Company’s platform businesses include Space Electronics, Sensor Concepts and TestVonics.  For more information, please visit the website:  www.raptor-scientific.com.

About TestVonics

Located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, the Company started in 1995 as a small repair shop for air data test equipment. Over twenty-five years later, TestVonics now manufactures a full line of high precision Air Data Test equipment, Air Data Calibrators and flight line Pitot Static testers used around the world.  For additional information, please visit www.testvonics.com.

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