NCSL International & CPEM Conference | July 6 – 11, 2024

NCSL International & CPEM Conference

Innovation through Measurement – A focus on critical and emerging technologies.

NCSL International and CPEM have joined together to provide a tremendous opportunity for in-person learning, knowledge sharing, best practices, networking, and collaboration.  CPEM is an international biannual Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements focused on electromagnetic measurements at the highest accuracy is of particular focus. NCSL International & CPEM are teaming up to provide an incredible opportunity for calibration and testing organizations, scientists, engineers, managers, and process performers to network and learn from industry leading experts. Next summer is truly shaping up to be a great chance to jump start training development plans and decrease learning curves. While networking with Metrology professionals from around the glove you’ll uncover new solutions, tools, and leave empowered with the skill sets and thinking necessary to take full advantage of the opportunities that await. NCSL International and CPEM have access to the largest group of Metrology professionals worldwide.

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