Fall 2018 Newsletter – Plugging The (Brain) Drain

Is your company experiencing a loss of knowledge due to retirements and attrition? When it comes to mass properties, Space Electronics can help fill that void. With over 150 years of combined experience in manufacturing mass properties instruments and related products, Space Electronics can offer consultation services, fixture design, training, measurement services and other mass properties expertise. We are the subject matter experts regarding Mass Properties Measurement. As an example of our field-leading knowledge, Dan Otlowski, our EVP Technology and Manufacturing, recently received the Mike Hackney Award from the Society of Allied Weight Engineers for the “Best Paper” on “Techniques for Correcting Entrained Air Errors During MOI Measurement of Aircraft Control Services”.Call us today for more information regarding our Measurement Services (860) 829-0001.

Some of our Valued Customers in 18Q3

  • Aselsan, Turkey – Model GM904 Gimbal Balance Instrument
  • Emerson Rosemont – Mass Properties Measurement Services
  • Yuzhnoye, Ukraine – Model GB3300AX MOI Instrument
  • Lockheed Martin – Model KSR1320 Mass Properties Instrument
  • Lockheed Martin – Model 132-SQB-BTP Igniter Circuit Testers
  • ARDE – Mass Properties Measurement Services
  • Los Alamos National Labs – Model POI3500 Spin Balance Instrument
  • IHI, Japan – Model MW904 Moment Weight Instrument
  • Raytheon – Mass Properties Measurement Services

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