Summer 2018 Newsletter – Space Electronics Measurement Services Laboratory

Our measurement services took a significant step forward when we recently expanded our test lab by an additional 2,300 square feet. Now fully operational and housing a suite of dedicated instruments, our measurement service lab provides high accuracy static and dynamic mass properties measurement of payloads ranging in weight from a few grams to over three tons. This state-of-the-art facility helps us to better serve our customers by providing efficient and cost-effective mass properties measurement solutions.We offer the following services:

  • Weight measurement
  • Center of gravity (CG) measurement
  • Moment of inertia (MOI) measurement
  • Product of inertia (POI) measurement
  • Dynamic unbalance measurement
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Static unbalance measurement
  • Static balancing
  • Gimbal assembly unbalance measurement
  • Gimbal assembly balancing
  • Jet engine turbine and fan blade moment-weight measurement, single and multi-axis
  • Power generation turbine blade moment-weight measurement, single and multi-axis
  • Blade distribution optimization
  • Aerospace Control Surface Testing

We provide test systems and knowledgeable experienced staff to meet your testing requirements. All measurement results are certified traceable to the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). We also offer test part fixturing and consultation as needed.

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Measurement Services Laboratory

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Some of our Valued Customers in Q2

  • Orbital ATK – Models SE9601 Weight & CG Instruments
  • Raytheon Missile Systems – Models KSR6000 and KSR13200 CG & MOI Instruments
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne – Model SE90168-300 Weight and CG Instrument
  • Raytheon Missile Systems – SQB-RAK Series Igniter Circuit Testers
  • US Army Yuma Proving Ground – Model XR50 MOI Instrument
  • Magellan Aerospace, Canada – Model XR250 MOI Instrument
  • Turbine Repair Services – Moment Weight Measurement Service and Distribution Optimization
  • Raytheon Missile Systems – CG Measurement Service
  • Raytheon IDS – Center of Buoyancy Measurement Service

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