Raptor Scientific Acquires Space Electronics

Space Electronics is pleased to announce their acquisition by Raptor Scientific, an engineering and development company aimed at consolidating the highly fragmented Aerospace & Defense focused testing and measurement market.

Space Electronics, the premier provider of mass properties instruments and services utilized in mission-critical applications, will continue to maintain operations in Berlin, Connecticut, under the leadership of the existing management team. The management team, consisting of Dan Otlowski, Paul Kennedy, Brandon Rathbun, and Jim Cramer, collectively have more than 100 years of experience with the company and in the mass properties measurement field.

“We are excited about this new chapter in the Space Electronics story and the benefits it will bring to our customers,” stated EVP and General Manager, Dan Otlowski.

“The acquisition of Space Electronics is the first step in our vision to be the leader in design and manufacture of high-tech test and measurement products for the aerospace and defense markets” commented Raptor Scientific Chief Executive Officer, Derek Coppinger.

About Space Electronics
Headquartered in Berlin, Connecticut, Space Electronics is a leading global provider of mass properties instruments and services and electronic circuit testers utilized in mission-critical applications across unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites, commercial aerospace, military aviation, and defense weapon systems. The company’s unmatched engineering expertise, combined with its superior testing and aftermarket services delivers industry-leading precision capabilities and a highly loyal customer base. For additional information, please visit www.space-electronics.com.

About Raptor Scientific
Raptor Scientific was founded in 2019 by L Squared Capital Partners and backed with a $60 million equity commitment to consolidate the highly fragmented Aerospace & Defense focused testing and measurement market. The Company completed its first acquisition of Space Electronics in September 2019. For more information, please visit the website: www.raptor-scientific.com.

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