Fall Newsletter – November 2021

What Does “Accuracy” Really Mean?

Fall 2021 Newsletter ImageMany of our customers ask for the most accurate mass properties measurement available, but what do they really need or want? At Raptor Scientific we strive to assist our customers in understanding the cost-benefit relationship in attaining high accuracy. We rely on more than 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-performance mass properties measurement instruments. The question of accuracy is always key in determining the best-fit solution to a given application.

When it comes to defining the performance of our instruments, accuracy is specified as the sum of sensitivity and linearity over the full range of measurement. However, other factors play a role in determining the final accuracy. UUT datum uncertainty, fixture location, test environment, etc., all contribute to the accuracy of the measurement.

To provide training on the intricacies of measurement accuracy, we offer our mass properties measurement seminar. We also offer consulting and engineering services for every aspect of mass properties measurement. This includes fixture design and fabrication, equipment leasing, and on-site testing. To learn more of what we offer please contact us at the included link. We’re here to help. Learn more >>

Seminar – Mass Properties Measurement

We are excited to be re-opening our facilities for in-person seminars! Join us for our Fall Mass Properties Measurement and Calculation Seminar on January 11 -13, 2022 at our Berlin, CT facility.

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Recent Business Activity

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