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Model 3703 Calibration Transfer Standard

Product Details

A transfer standard designed specifically for calibrating the torque transducers and control console used in the Model 3695 Torque/Force Calibrator. The Model 3703 Calibration Test Stand is furnished with all equipment necessary for calibrating the Model 3695 Torque/Force Calibrator, including loading arms, 500 lb. and 5,000 lb. proving rings, and a force gauge.

Calibration is accomplished through the use of a set of precision reference standards (proving rings and a quarts force gauge) and force moment arms, which can be installed on the output drive of the transducer.
Temperature correction algorithms for the reference standards and the length of the force arms have been incorporated into the Model 3695 control console software.
No calculations or corrections are required during the calibration process.
Generation and control of the torque applied to the transducer being calibrated is accomplished by a combination of a stepper motor, reduction belts, a ball screw actuator and force arm that is directly coupled to the transducer’s input drive.
The operator via a hand held variable potentiometer controls the direction and speed of the drive mechanism.
Calibrates Model 3695’s- 50, 500, and 5,000 ft-lb transducers.
When calibrating the 20,000 ft-lb transducer, hand crank and loader assemblies are used to manually apply the input torque.
The transfer standard consists of a rigid steel structural frame, force generator and a test bench, permitting the fixtures required for mounting the proving rings and force gauge.
The test bench also contains provisions for mounting the Model 3695’s control console during the calibration process.
A power supply module provides the power necessary to operate the drive mechanism and the Model 3695’s control console during the calibration process.

Ambient Temperature Range:
Operating Temperature: +10°C to 40°C
Non-Operating Temperature: -40°C to 75°C
Humidity (operating): 85% RH (maximum), 10°C to 40°C

Input Power:
Voltage: 115 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Current Drain (maximum): 5.0 Amperes
Fuse: Main Power Circuits: 3AG, 2 Amperes
Stepper Motor: 3AG, 7 Amperes

Quarts Gauge: Range 0 to 25 lbs., Accuracy ±0.03% I.V. or 0.001 lb. (whichever is greater)
500 lb. Proving Ring: Range 50 to 500 lbs., Accuracy ±0.125% lb. (maximum)
5,000 lb. Proving Ring: 500 to 5,000 lbs., Accuracy ±0.625 lb. (maximum)

Dimensions & Weight:
55.5”L x 25”D x 36”H
794 lbs.

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