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Model 3695 Torque/Force Calibrator

Product Details

The Model 3695 Torque and Force Calibrator is a self-contained, semi-automated, multi-functional calibrator, which provides a rapid, highly accurate and safe means for calibrating and testing a wide variety of torque and force measuring instruments. The functional layout is such that the operator can easily convert the system from torque applications to force and vice versa. The Model 3695 has the capability to calibrate all types of torque wrenches*, torque multipliers, force gauges, cable tensiometers and cable testers throughout stand ranges from in-oz’s up to 20,000 ft-lbs (torque) and 5,000 lbs. (force) with accuracies up to ± 0.5% for torque applications and ± 0.125% when in the force configuration.

*Except impact/power type torque wrenches.

Measurement ranges and corresponding accuracies are developed through the use of four torque transducers with overlapping ranges which can be selectively installed in the calibrator.
The wide range of each transducer allows for complete testing of all standard test instruments without the need to change transducers during the test sequence.
Accuracies up to ±0.5% for torque applications and ±0.125% when in the force configuration.
The Model 3695 has been tested to, and complies with applicable environmental requirements, for shipboard use, of Military Specification MIL-T-28800.
Displayed message prompt the operator on specific actions he must take throughout the test sequence.
The functional layout is such that the operator can easily convert he system form torque applications to force and vice versa.
Warning signals both audible and visual warn the operator if an operational safety limit is exceeded.
Test configurations are easily set up using dedicated adapters furnished with the calibrator.
Adaptors have been specifically designed not only to reduce the total number required but also to prevent unsafe operations.
All signal-conditioning, programing, and control functions are contained in a control console, which is conveniently mounted above the test bench.

Torque Testing (Motor Driven): 0 to 5,000 ft-lbs.
Torque Testing (Testing Item Driven): 5,000 to 20,000 ft-lbs.
Force Gauge Testing: 0 to 500 lbs.
Cable Tensiometer Testing: 0 to 2,400 lbs.
Cable Tester Testing: 0 to 5,000 lbs.

Torque Testing (Motor Driven): ±0.5% I.V. or ±0.005 ft-lb (whichever is greater)
Torque testing (Testing Item Driven): ±0.5% I.V. or ±5 ft-lbs (whichever is greater)
Force Gauge Testing: ±0.125% I.V. or ±0.005 lb. (whichever is greater)
Cable Tensiometer Testing: ±2.5% I.V. or ±0.75 lb. (whichever is greater)
Cable Tester Testing: ±0.75% I.V. or ±2.1 lbs. (whichever is greater)

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