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Model 3681 Depth Gauge Chamber

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The Model 3681 Depth Gauge Test Chamber is used to stimulate the operating conditions necessary for accurate testing of depth gauges used in various military and commercial applications. Constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum, this hermetically sealed chamber incorporates a mounting fixture compatible with Type 1156 depth gauges in compliance with MIL-G-18067C specifications.

A large acrylic window in the test chamber end permits convenient observation of the unit under test, and an electrical feed-through enables electrical connections inside the chamber. The chamber also incorporates a pneumatic feed through that can be used for supplying pressure to the unit under test.

Safety features include an interlock that prevents the door from being opened when the chamber is pressurized and a relief valve that automatically vents excess pressure.

Rated operating range of 50µm absolute to 30 psia.
Completely hermetically sealed.
Heavy gauge aluminum construction.
Large window for convenient observation of instruments under test.
Electrical feed-through enables a light source or other device to be used inside chamber.
Pneumatic feed-through for simple connection to external pressure and vacuum sources.
Safety interlock prevents chamber from being opened while pressurized.
Relief valve protects chamber and instruments under test from accidental over-pressurization.

Pressure Rating:
Operating Pressure Range: 50 Micron Vacuum to 15 psig (30 psia)
Pressure Relief Setting: 20 psig, ± 1 psig

Test Chamber Fixturing:
Depth gauge mounting fixture accepts Type 1156 depth gauges in compliance with MIL-G-18067C

Pressure/Vacuum Input Connections:
Input to Chamber: Quick-Disconnect, Industrial Type, Male
Input to Test Item Supply Hose: JIC 37°, ¼”, Male, Hose Connection: SAE Flareless Swivel

Electrical Feed-Through: 2-wire, 18 gauge, US 3-Prong Plug x MS3106-12S-3S Circular Connector

Chamber Dimensions & Weight:
20”L x 22”H x 16”D
10” Viewing Window
50 lbs.


Use of this equipment is described in NAVAIR Instrument Calibration Procedure 17-20MP45. Most current version is available through GIDEP, (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program). Access to this database is through

Do not use a pressure source with a flow rate greater than 35L/min. Do not pressurize chamber above 15 PSIG.

1. Position chamber vertically and remove door, Fig.1, Item 1.
2. Secure depth gauge between mounting pins and tie down rods, Fig.1, Item 2, with dial facing toward window.
3. Connect test hose Fig.1, Item 3, to depth gauge.
4. Make electrical connection to the depth gauge, as required, using the circular connector Fig.1, Item 4.
5. Install chamber door, noting orientation of lid alignment arrow, Fig.1, Item 6. Ensure that lid sealing o-ring Fig.1, Item 5, is installed and lightly lubricated with vacuum grease.
6. Tighten the door clamping knobs securely, Fig.1, Item 7. Tighten knobs two at a time and opposite from one another to ensure lid is evenly tightened.
7. Tip chamber to its horizontal operating position.
8. Follow the NAVAIR Instrument Calibration Procedure No. 17-20MP-45 for further connections and procedures for calibrating depth gauges

NOTE: Orientation of lid is important and should only be installed with the Pressure/Vacuum Gauge at the top, opposite cover handle, using the alignment arrow, Fig.1, Item 6.

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