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The Fluid Separator provides the flexibility to calibrate hydraulic instruments using either a pneumatic (gas) input pressure source or a hydraulic input pressure source.

The Fluid Separator transmits input test pressure to the output end across an elastomeric membrane. The input end of the fluid separator can be connected to a pneumatic pressure source, or it can be filled with fluid and connected to hydraulic pressure source. The output end of the fluid separator is filled with hydraulic fluid compatible with the device under test.

Available Configurations:
  • 3734-401-001 Stand-Alone Fluid Separator Assembly in Aluminum (shown on left)
  • 3734-402-001 Stand-Alone Fluid Separator Assembly in Stainless Steel
  • 534-2 Fluid Separator Assembly for Installation in Aluminum
  • 534-2SS Fluid Separator Assembly for Installation in Stainless Steel (shown on right)

The fluid separator operation can be configured for Pneumatic Input to Liquid Output or Liquid Input to Liquid Output.

Mounting holes for a variety of applications are provided in the bottom of the fluid separator support cradle and mounting brackets.

Liquid Charger included

Available Diaphragm Material:

Buna-N (standard) 904-9

Neoprene 904-9A

Silicone 904-9B

Butyl 904-9E

EPDM 904-9F

Rated Pressure: 10,000 psig

Proof Pressure: 15,000 psig

Burst Pressure: (Minimum) 40,000 psig

Capacity: 3.0 Cubic Inches

Input/output Ports: ¼” Female Superpressure (FSP)*

Standard Diaphragm: Buna-N (Nitrile), other options available

Maximum Pressure Error Across Diaphragm: <0.01 psig

Dimensions & Weight:
4.875”L x 3.750”H x 3.375”W
Aluminum: 5 lbs.
*Contact Sales for additional configurations

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