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Two-Channel Igniter/Squib Tester

Product Details

This instrument is a tester for measuring continuity and isolation in igniter/squib circuit paths. Designed for testing igniters/squibs and other circuit paths in electrically detonated ordnance, Raptor Scientific’s 102-SQB-RAK can test two channels in one setup, which accelerates the quality checkout process of the payloads. Diode, continuity, and isolation measurements are done with great accuracy while built-in fail-safe circuitry dramatically reduces the risk of accidental detonation.

Our two-channel igniter/squib tester is a specialized fail-safe electronic tester that measures two channels of components of electro-explosive circuits, using a test current which is a 1,000 times less than a conventional precision low-resistance tester.

This tester can be controlled via Raptor Scientifics’ proprietary software or directly through command strings.

Our two-channel tester is permanently plugged in through a safe connection to external power.

Typical Applications

Verification of Ordnance Systems:

  • During manufacturing
  • Depot testing (storage)
  • Before deployment
  • For Life Extension Programs (LEP)

Two circuit paths can be measured for resistance (continuity and isolation), diode, and stray voltage.

Multiple safety features are built into our testers. Measurements are performed using the same fail-safe and current limiting technology used in our portable igniter circuit testers with additional protections for power under test conditions. This makes these testers ideal for use with electro-explosive devices or other circuits that may be compromised or triggered by high test currents. Additional safety features are added such as complete computer isolation and redundant fail-safe mechanisms.

We offer explosion proofing per National Electric Code (NEC) class I and II.

High accuracy measurement allow operators to find the specific fault of a circuit, which they would not be able to find with lower accuracy measurement devices. It also keeps false fails low, thus increasing throughput.

Two-channel testers provide many advantages over single-channel manual testers. These testers can be configured to allow the connection of a single or multiple test units, and once connected several circuits and functions can be tested without operator intervention. At the end of the test sequence the test units that passed and/or failed are clearly identified to the operator. This eliminates the time necessary for the operators to connect, test and record the results for each individual circuit with a manual tester.

Detect missing or broken wires in the 4 wire test leads to the UUT. Diagnose and locate wiring errors that other testers would show as a resistance or open circuit reading.

Fail-safe module limits test current. Since excessive test current could cause bodily injury or death, protection for all modes of failure or operator error is built into the squib tester. A sealed, tamperproof, fail-safe module guarantees that the test current will be less than 10 mA even under worst case conditions of simultaneous failure of multiple circuit elements.

Quick Reading. Squib tester stabilizes readings in less than 2 seconds. Reading is truly stable and clearly legible for operator (no interpretation between fluctuating values).

Measurement Reading Ease. Our squib testers have a large format LCD display with clear indication of test range, status of battery, status of calibration, and measured values in large format including units. Reduces operator error through misreading.

Direct reading. 4-wire test leads automatically compensate for lead resistance. Our squib testers are specifically designed to withstand unequal lead resistances on the 4 wire cable lines.

Digitally calibrated. Calibration of the squib tester is performed digitally with no requirement to open the meter or trim internal or external potentiometers. The calibration kit consists of software, UUT cable, and all necessary interfaces to connect the meter to a regular Windows-based desktop or laptop computer.

Fiber optic Interface is standard on all squib tester units. It is used for calibration, remote operation, data logging, and integration into a rack-mount multi-channel tester. Connection is fiber optic to ensure safe meter integration and physical separation between the computer’s power system and the squib.

Isolated Power Supply. The power supply of our squib tester is 100% floating for safety isolation between power source and the squib. This eliminates current leakage between the UUT and earth ground, and between the meter and earth ground. As a consequence the UUT can be earth-grounded without corrupting measurement accuracy.


Since all measurement data are stored and processed internally, the tester can generate reports and save the measurement results into a CSV file, database file or other output file for future retrieval. This eliminates operator data recording errors.

Pass/fail criteria – After the measurements are performed, each circuit’s measured value is tested against configurable pass/fail values and then grouped by channels per part, so that each part can be reported as passing or failing its tests.

Remote Readout and Remote Control is available for all testers. Optional software allows complete operation of the tester from a computer system. Test Engineers can program manual or automated test sequences through scripting software.

Record Measurement Data. Data logging is available. Measurements are stored in a database. A full report of a UUT can be printed or exported to Excel. Statistical analysis of UUTs can be performed.


Optional calibration standards available. This provides a set of NIST traceable resistors that have been calibrated to the ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard.

Custom connectors. Customization of the front end ensures that your exact requirements are met for interfacing with your payloads.

For all multi-channel squib testers:

  • Terminal Configuration: 4-wire.
  • Power: safe connection to external power supply.
  • Case: 19″ rack for rack-mount version, and rugged aluminum case for benchtop version.
      Options & Accessories

    • SE90245 Key shorting switch w/10 ft. Cable
    • SE90264 Calibration kit
    • SE90272 Calibration Software Disk
    • SE90301 Software for remote control and readout. Includes data logging and scripting

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