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TTU-205 Pump Maintenance Kits

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The TTU-205 and FLMTS pressure-vacuum pump consists of two-piston-type pumps in common aluminum alloy housing. An electric motor drives both the pressure and vacuum sides of the pump. This pump is used to provide pressure and vacuum source for various ground support air data test equipment. The pump requires routine servicing and Raptor has all the parts necessary to maintain, service, and/or repair these pumps.
  • 1,000 Hour Maintenance Kit P/N: 225635
  • 1,500 Hour Maintenance Kit P/N: 225640
  • Service Life Extension Kit (SLEK) P/N: 225600
  • Raptor also offers pump motors and fully tested pump assemblies
TTU-205 Trump Maintenance KitsService Life Extension Kit P/N:225600

The SLEK (P/N: 225600) program was adopted to reduce cost for pump maintenance. The SLEK takes only minutes to install and replaces the entire center body of the pump, eliminating the need for extensive tear down. No longer are technicians required to perform difficult tasks such as pressing out sleeves, removing and replacing rings and other piece parts. It was also determined that many pump bodies were well past their expected service life. The SLEK program has shown its value repeatedly, its reliability and support readiness have dramatically improved TTU-205 availability since its implementation.

1,500 Hour Maintenance Kit P/N: 225640

TTU-205 Trump Maintenance KitsThe 1,500 Hour Maintenance Kit (Part No. 225640) was procured regularly by the USAF until the SLEK program was introduced. This kit contains many more parts than the 225635 kit (which in some cases makes it a little more involved to install), however it increases the maintenance cycle from 1,000 to 1,500 hours.

1,000 Hour Maintenance Kit P/N:225635
Routine servicing of the pump consists of periodic installation of the parts in the 1,000-hour maintenance kits (Part No. 225635). This kit is installed for a 1,000 hour extension of use.
TTU-205 Trump Maintenance Kits

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