Missile Systems Mass Properties Measurement

longbow hellfire on litoral combat shipThe backbone of our family of mass properties measurement systems is the KSR Series of CG and MOI instruments. KSRs are the most accurate instruments in the world for the measurement of center of gravity and moment of inertia. They are ideal for determining the mass properties of rockets, missiles, and other ballistic systems.

Igniter Circuit Testing for Missile Systems

Raptor Scientific designs and manufactures a wide range of ohmmeters and multimeters approved by the US Department of Defense for measuring the resistance and stray voltage in a weapon system’s multiple electrical circuit paths.

Building on the success of our 101-5HJ Series of single-channel US Navy Igniter Circuit Testers, and with over 5,000 instruments placed in service in the past 40 years without a single unintended detonation, Raptor Scientific now offers the SQB Series of multi-channel weapon system circuit testers—a family of multimeters with rugged control computer. These fully automated circuit testers are used to test rocket igniters, fuses, explosive bolts, squibs, blasting caps, bit test lines, and electro component lines (relays, actuators, diodes, semiconductor devices), dramatically reducing the risk of accidental detonations without compromising high accuracy.

Raptor Scientific’ SQB Series of testers are now a key element of OEM Quality Assurance and military Integrated Logistics Support programs for currently fielded US missile systems.

  • OEM Subassembly Level Testing: used to verify the electrical integrity of weapon subassembly components before they are integrated into the weapon system.
  • OEM System Level Testing: for performing weapon-level electrical integrity testing before delivery to the customer.
  • Field Level Testing: used in the conduct of both field and depot-level electrical integrity tests before troop deployment or integration with a launch platform.

Examples of our Weapons Systems Work:

Paveway III Precision-attack air-to-ground laser-guided bomb.
Longbow Hellfire Radar-guided fire-and-forget anti-armor air-to-surface missile (ASM).
Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) Block IIA Ship-based missile system used to intercept short-to intermediate-range ballistic missiles.
Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) Interceptor component of the US Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD).