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Space Vehicles

Supporting Future of Manned Space Flight

Raptor Scientific manufactures test and ground support equipment to support the design, production, and testing of manned space vehicles. Our instruments are used throughout the world to measure manned spacecraft and satellites of all sizes. Our customers include NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Thales Alenia Space (Italy), JAXA (Japan), NSPO (Taiwan), KARI (South Korea), and Turkish Aerospace Industries. Here are some of the programs we’ve supported in recent years.

Boeing CST-100 StarlinerBoeing CST-100 Starliner

With Bigelow Aerospace, Boeing’s entry for NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (2016).




NASA Orion Multipurpose Crew VehicleNASA Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle

Spacecraft intended to carry a crew of four astronauts to or beyond low Earth orbit (2014).