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Radar Cross Section

Raptor Scientific is the leading Tier II designer and manufacturer of radar cross-section (RCS) instruments and measurement services. We manufacture radar cross-section measurement equipment, with an emphasis on radar systems, data reduction and analysis, algorithm development and field measurements, for Aerospace & Defense OEMs and research organizations to develop mission-critical applications for the world’s largest stealth programs, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Our products are used throughout the lifecycle of stealth assets, starting in research and design, continuing through manufacturing, and extending to the operational environment.

Our multi-disciplined team has extensive expertise in RF/Microwave hardware development and test methodologies, software development including user interface and control, algorithm development and field service. Raptor Scientific utilizes a cross-discipline approach in order to provide customers with the optimal total system solution.  Extensive field measurement experience enables us to develop products that work “first time” in challenging field environments, providing our customers with high-caliber service and consistent on-time deliveries.

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