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Aircraft Engine Component Testing for Fan, Turbines, Compressor Blades, etc

Aircraft Engines

Our KSR and MP series of instruments are ideal to measure the mass properties of aircraft engines.


MP6500; KSR1320 with Fan & Turbine Blades; MW904  

Turbine Blades

Raptor Scientific offers the best balancing solutions for individual blades. We manufacture the widest range of blade balancing machines (also known as moment weight scales) for jet engines.

We offer two series of multi-axis machines for fan blades to accommodate all needs: vertical or horizontal loading of the blades; automatic range selection features; several accuracy levels.

Our single axis moment weight scales are ideal for measuring high pressure and low pressure stages of aircraft engines. Our single axis scales come in two different series: a high accuracy series featuring the highest accuracy on the market; and a low-cost version providing the same accuracy as traditional designs.

Our blade optimization software, also called blade distribution software, calculates the best combination of blades that minimizes the overall unbalance of the rotor stage. Our blade distribution software accounts for a given unbalance of the hub.

Examples of the Engine Development and Logistics Support Programs Supported by Raptor Scientific


CFM International LEAPCFM_LEAP-X

High-bypass turbofan engine, a modernized replacement for GE Aviation and Snecma’s successful CFM56.





General Electric GE9XGeneral Electric GE9X

Version of the GE90 turbofan engine for the new Boeing 777-8x/9x.





Pratt and Whitney PW1000GPratt & Whitney PW1000G

High-bypass geared turbofan engine family, the exclusive engine for the Bombardier CSeries





General_Electric_GEnx General Electric GEnx

Advanced dual rotor, axial flow, high-bypass turbofan jet engine in production for the Boeing 787 and 747-8.





Pratt_&_Whitney_PW_6000Pratt & Whitney PW6000

High-bypass turbofan jet engine designed for the Airbus A318.





pratt-and-whitney-f135 Pratt & Whitney F135

Afterburning turbofan developed for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II single-engine strike fighter.





Engine Alliance GP7200Engine Alliance GP7200

Turbofan jet engine, one of the powerplant options available for the Airbus A380.





a320-iae-v2500IAE V2500

Two-shaft high-bypass turbofan engine that powers the Airbus A320 family, the McDonnell Douglas MD-90, and the Embraer KC-390.





Pratt & Whitney F119Pratt and WHitney F119

Afterburning turbofan engine for the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor advanced tactical fighter.





M501F Gas TubineMitsubishi Hitachi M501F Gas Turbine

3,600 rpm heavy duty turbine introduced serving 60 Hz power generation needs.